Fuqing Qin Xin Manor

Fuzhou, China

Private Residence
Project Management, Interior Design & Contracting

The Qin Xin Manor in Fujian is ranked the supreme class among other manors in China in 2013. It is a residential estate with a magnificent site area of 50 acres located in Fuqing, Fuzhou. A true grand house with extravagant proportions of over 10,000 square meters of luxurious flexible living space. Combined with intriguing interior design and enchanting material selection, the Qin Xin Manor has generated a spectacular sensation for the quiet hillside of Fuqing.

The six-story mansion is surrounded by natural landscaping consisting of a swimming pool, a huge musical fountain, gardens, parks, woodlands and covered corridors leading to all four entrances of the estate. The Grand Ball Room, located on the ground floor with two wine cellars and catering facilities to accommodate 1500 guests, is exquisitely decorated with coral and sea shells on the world's finest and solid marble columns, stones and impeccably designed mosaic gradation flooring.

On one of the walls of the Chinese wine cellar, a complete replica of the Qingming Shanghe Tu (清明上河圖) is there for the guests' reminiscence of the Qingming Festival along the Song Dynasty riverside. A Japanese salt studio is built inside the spa which is fitted with glass walls for the enjoyment of the landscaping on the ground floor. Also in the mansion is a 20-seat home theatre fitted with innovative AV equipment and a roof top barbecue area for family gatherings.

Loaded with European sentiments and the sublimation of western and eastern style, our team has crafted a harmonious fusion of modernism, Japanese and Mediterranean design features among generous bedroom suites from the third to fifth floors. With the best craftsmanship and the meticulous attentions to details, our team has created a state-of-the-art masterpiece for the Fuqing city.

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