Hang Yee Library and Multi-Purpose Learning Rooms

Hong Kong

Lingnan Hang Yee Memorial Secondary School
Interior Design and Contracting

Rocco Design Studio is proud to have been commissioned to design and build yet another secondary school library project, the Hang Yee Library, in as many years.

The challenge that our designers had to contend with on this occasion includes a number of new programs and functions that needed to be installed in a long and narrow space where the library of less than 190 SM is located. Without compromising the vast collections of existing books, the School aims to have two additional small-group learning rooms, a self-study area, and an interactive zone for a class of students to host different reading and learning activities.

Along the long corridor outside the library, our designers opened the front area of the library to accommodate book displays and to allow a sufficient reading space. Bookshelves are constructed to complement and enhance the functionality of the library by having reading tables and chairs strategically placed within. The end result is that the users will feel they are truly immersed in a sea of knowledge.

Various spaces are reserved at the rear end of the library for different functions, and the service counter and computer station are placed in the middle to serve both sides of the library.

To connect the two wings of the library, our designers applied different circular elements to complement the ceiling design and to further energise the spatial movement, symbolising the spread of knowledge.

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