Urban Nomad(s)

Eaton Club - L5 Langham Place Office Tower, Hong Kong

Best Come Limited (A wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eagle Group)
Sculpture (Stainless Steel Mesh)

The idea behind the Urban Nomads is the creation of an absolutely pure object, entirely free of the sort of elements that normally create a sense of character in a sculpture. The couple’s head, 1-metre high and rendered in stainless-steel mesh capsule, carry such powerful association of the calmest and the busiest in the amidst of Hong Kong’s most disturbed district recently.

The form and context, scale and subject, positive and negative, such pure structure specifically designed for [celebrating] Eaton Club’s first club space at Langham Office Tower in Hong Kong – we want the users to explore, how they could react not to a club space that looks like one but to a more sublime, utterly neutral space, or how they could react not to a sculpture that is embellished with mini squares but to one that is so stark that no other thoughts can cross their minds except for the idea of that sculpture in the hustling and bustling city life.

@2024 Rocco Design Studio