Mark Lau

Design Director
Mark Lau
Design Director

Mark Lau has been working in the interior design field for over twenty years, with design works that are as diverse as they are unique. From mid-scale car showroom, medical center, offices, show flats, high-end residential and club houses, to large-scale commercial tower, church, and luxury houses, it seems there is little that Mark is not capable of

Having rich experience in the design and construction process, Mark is one of the Rocco team members who completed the 10,000SM design and built manor project in Fuqing, China in 2014. This China project is quite special in terms of design complexity and its sheer scale. It is undoubtedly one of the high-end residential projects among the top mansions in Southern China.

One of Mark's strengths of his design is in the form of free-hand sketches. With this unique talent and abundant creativity, Mark could set up the visualization of any design within minutes.

Distinguished projects handled by Mark include:


Mawei Pier Office Building, Fuzhou, China

Rongsen Group Office Building, Shanxi, China

Parent-child restaurant, Fuzhou, China

Boslai night club, Fuzhou, China

Big Echo Karaoke, Mongkok, Hong Kong

Homestay, Xiamen, Hong Kong

Church, Fuqing Fuzhou, China

Henderson Land Showflat, Hong Kong

Rongding Real Estate Club, Fuqing, Fuzhou,


Rongding Real Estate Showflat, Fuqing, Fuzhou,


Pedder Medical Center, Macau

Citicall shop (now namely Suning Shop),

Hong Kong

The World Vision, Hong Kong

The World Jewellery, Hong Kong

The World Sign, Hong Kong

Subrau Car Showroom, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Mid-Gap Road, Hong Kong

Tai Hang Mansion, Hong Kong

Xinghe Mingju Double Unit, Hong Kong

Wan Chai Star Field, Hong Kong

Royal Garden, Shatin, Hong Kong

Lei King Wan, Hong Kong

10 Island Park, Macau

Tea Hill Villa, Guling, Fuzhou, China

Qin Xin Manor and multi-clubhouse, Fuqing,

Fuzhou, China

Shimao Bund, Fuzhou, China

Deguicheng, Fuzhou, China

Huizhou, China

Hangzhou Yang Yu Mansion, Hangzhou, China

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