Master Planning

Areia Preta & Iao Han District Revitalization


Municipal Affairs Bureau (Instituto para os Assuntos Municipais)
Architectural Concept Design Proposal

Rocco Design takes the dynamics and aesthetics of neat, deconstructed lines as the lead, and unveils the bright red as the iconic color for the installation. This new configuration promotes cross disciplinary interaction and direct connection with people. The red color selection not only conveys an instant image to visitors both visually and emotionally, but also adds vitality to this sleeping beauty.

Different from the generic street directional signs, we take color as the dominant space design element to connect the ten designated zones interspersed throughout the Iao Han District and the surrounding designated pedestrian streets, forming a visually three-dimensional route map, concise and easy to understand, to lead people interact with the neighborhood.

Through further two- and three-dimensional space design, we apply rich and different design elements for each zone, such as the space frame along the pedestrian street, the footbridge refurbished into a massive outdoor sculpture, large-scaled installation art - Wind Vane inside a park, fitness equipment with consideration on energy saving & aesthetics, big concrete flower planter boxes at the junctions of streets, huge iconic tree-form sculptures as an ending spot etc.

With our thoughts on the aesthetics of spatial design through deconstruction, we bring an original, sensual and interactive artistic journey for both tourists and Macau citizens. This will not only be a huge park that attracts a large number of tourists to explore its unique artistic and cultural experience, but also a "new" community that provides various types of leisure activities for the local residents, thereby further improving the living environment and hence the quality of life of the entire community.

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