Master Planning

Barrier-free Walking System for Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park


Organized jointly by Municipal Affairs Bureau (Instituto para os Assuntos Municipais) & Architects Association of Macau (Associação dos Arquitectos de Macau)
Architectural Concept Design Competition

Applying the design concept of spatial deconstruction aesthetics, Rocco Design aims at improving the urban environment, strengthening the functions of different buildings, and introducing the "people-oriented" principle, to create a leisure and healthy journey filled with artistic, sensory and interactive installations for the local people.

We, injecting not only visual art effects, but also multi-level creativity and dynamics, integrate a number of barrier-free trails and walkways, landscape design and new buildings into the topographic environment at Mong Ha Hill, coherent with and activated the surrounding nature and hillside. With the dynamics and aesthetics of neat, deconstructed lines as the lead, and unveiling the bright red as the iconic color for directional design and installation, our design conveys an instant image to visitors both visually and emotionally.

Based on the key purpose of this competition, through introducing barrier-free systems, we apply other diversified designs and dynamic visual implants to extend the two-dimensional linear aesthetics to three-dimensional spatial design and connect the four given areas. We adopt various design mediums, with barrier-free, green buildings, and sustainability as the major focus, to design a barrier-free green art (sculpture) park, multiple hiking experiences, elliptical pools with steel mesh shell structured canopy, landmark building masses, and uphill lift etc. These people-oriented designs not only achieve the aim of accessibility, but also improve the quality of various leisure activities, optimize community facilities and promote green living for the local people, hence excitedly activate the two old communities.

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