Commemorative Outdoor Design for the 50th Anniversary of PHC Wing Kwong College

Hong Kong

Pentecostal Holiness Church Wing Kwong College
Outdoor Space and Signage – Design and Build

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pentecostal Holiness Church Wing Kwong College, Rocco Design was tasked to create a set of clean and simple, yet powerful and dynamic commemorative signs for the school campus. These signs also serve as a set of communal outdoor features that are in harmony with the campus. Our design does not only meet the needs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the School, but it also creates a comfortable and interesting communal space that will continue to play a role around the campus in the years to come.

As we wanted to create an interactive installation, our designers skilfully explore the idea of combining outdoor benches and high table with two-colour pattern graphics to organically present the acronym of the School's 50th anniversary – "WKC 50". A graphic design on the floor was made on the existing granite floor, and the original purple tones (the darkest purple and the lightest purple) at the Wing Kwong College campus were selected so that our design would blend seamlessly and harmoniously with the campus.

Because the benches and high table are items that the students would use or come across every day, combining the organic and artistic geometry helps create unexpected visual effects that transcend what one would ordinary envision – something that our designers intended to achieve, with creativity and people-oriented elements being incorporated into the design. When teachers and students stand at the corridor, looking down during recess, they will experience these qualities, too.

Designers at Rocco Design hope that this functional space can have more possibilities. While it may just be a piece of art for the 50th anniversary of the School, it also forms a part of the landscape. The place itself is a warm gathering space for teachers and students, and they can use it to enjoy this piece of 'artwork' or to interact with it. These provocative geometric images that activate one’s soul will gradually turn into memories, accompanying students through their education journey at this wonderful school.

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