Citibank Plaza

Central, Hong Kong

Great Eagle Development Group
Main Lobby Renovation Design Proposal

This award-winning twin towers was designed by Rocco Design Architects in the 1990s. The remodeling project is to refurbish the existing lobby into a more contemporary environment and to accommodate a variety of communal activities with a sense of refreshing and modern ambience.

The main lobby of the Towers processes a large number of visitors on a daily basis. In order to facilitate the operation and management of the two towers, the reception counter, with a very simplistic form interface that blended into the lobby environment, is displayed both aesthetically and functionally. The design helps to free up this under-utilized spaces at the lobby without any spatial incoherence with the existing architecture.

The whole new design package infuses a futuristic element into this iconic architecture, and yet improves the overall spatial quality and efficiency.

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