Eaton Club - L48 Langham Place Office Tower

Hong Kong

Best Come Limited (A wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eagle Group)
Premium Serviced Office - Interior Design and Contracting

Compare to traditional Premium Serviced Offices’ layout, the Langham Place project presents a new platform combining lounge and workspace as a clubhouse rolling into one that create a lively working enclave. Reflecting the vibe of the vibrant neighborhood, we infuse the reception and lounge area with the spirit of Mong Kok – more fluid, more flexible, and more informal, as to create a multi-cultural, energetic, and tasteful environment. We believe this design could encourage more interactions among the curious visitors and the users.

To Rocco Design, design is all about memory; the spatial organization is one of the most powerful layouts that strikes the audiences who experiences the space.

We re-define the function of corridors – merging the circulation and the lounge area for accumulating more usable area. This results in an extraordinarily high efficiency rate at more than 80% of the building area for the workplace through “form follows function” yet without compromising its spatial quality.

We also introduce the demountable walls which would allow our client greater flexibility for reconfiguring the office suites overnight without dealing with any sound or dust pollution during execution. The demountable partitions with an easily re-locatable nature minimize the undesirable influents to other offices and saving the time cost for the users. The panels are set up uniquely different from the generic office which allow flexible seating to reflect the consumption of space more efficiently.

Specifically made for Eaton Club, our customized workstation set R100 and Office Chair R3D3 are both environmentally- and user- friendly following a “form matches function” principle imbues lots of versatile and considerate daily functions. Ergonomic office chairs are complemented by desks with writable worktops and tapered edges, while mobile pedestals come with washable and changeable soft cushions which provide flexibility and reduce wastage. The pedestals also provide one more seating for unexpected visitors and/or colleagues, rather than purely fulfilling the basic filing necessity.

We believe our end-product undoubtedly carries an innovative scheme that differentiates our approach from the traditional design practice that helps Eaton Club to lead the Premium Serviced Office market by a significant margin.

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