Exhibition Hall Renovation for the 70th Anniversary of Chu Hai College

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Chu Hai College of Higher Education
Exhibition Gallery - Interior Design and Contracting

Our project, apart from providing the guests who visit the exhibition hall with subtle spatial experiences, more design features are introduced as to foster the relationship between the gallery and the historical exhibitions of the institution dating back more than 70 years. From its inception till the completion of the construction, the whole project is accomplished successfully within a span of only two months.

Situated next to the entrance of the main building, this exhibition hall has a long and narrow space with high ceiling clearance of 10-15 meters. To create a welcoming environment for the visitors, a series of V-shape horizontal display banners, echoing to the façade of the building, are hanging underneath the tall ceiling, not only filling the void with artworks, but also acting as an eye-catching feature for the space. These banners also tell the history of the school graphically.

“Less equals More”, the design of the display stands pushes the concept further. They are designed to be made with only 3 pieces of metal sheet; with the hands of our skillful technicians, these stands are visually appealing and functional.

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