Tung Chung Catholic School (Secondary Session) Library

Hong Kong

Tung Chung Catholic School
Interior Design and Contracting

The School commissioned Rocco Design to create a brand new library to attract more students to visit and to induce their reading habit. We push one step further and go beyond this endeavor with the tight budgetary control.

The original design for the Secondary School is a prototype developed during the Millennium period in Hong Kong. The Library is situated at the top floor and the far end of the corridor which does not provide an user-friendly access to students. Without addressing to the landscape, site orientation and sun path, the reception counter and the bookshelves are misplaced.

In order to attract student’s attention to the new library, our designers created an installation with a dynamic approach, from ceiling to wall, then to floor, as a visual guide to the students from elevator core to the Library.

The new layout is a well thought design with the reception area right at the entrance to serve both the left and right wing of the library as to connect the reading rooms and the multi-functional space. The bookshelves are thoughtfully oriented and intended to open up views, and promote a co-work environment. The entire spatial quality also challenges the universal thinking, and bring energy and enthusiasm to inspire students to think outside the box.

We believe a library is not only a place to offer a wide range of reading materials, but also an informal learning environment to foster learning, curiosity, and discovery culture.

Today, more and more students love to hang out and stay in the Library during recess. From their bright eyes and happy smile, we can proudly say that it is now not only a place just for silence and introspection, but also a place for socialization.

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