Mantec Medical Center


Mantec Medical Center
Interior Design & Contracting

This project is located in a commercial tower at Nanwan District, Macau. From design to construction stage, our designers work closely with the Client to achieve the balance between design aesthetics and practical application.

Despite the typical dull atmosphere of medical centers, our designers carefully select fresh and bright colors for the entire space. To comply with the strict ceiling height control regulation in Macau, we adopt the use of baffle ceiling; together with careful arrangement of linear light fittings, a lively ceiling design is created, not only to shield the cluttered facilities above ceiling, but also to achieve a visually more spacious environment. A large sofa with an organic streamlined shape is implanted at the reception, infusing a free and lively motion into this regular space. Further through the idyllic landscape painting collections from the Owner, a brand new stress-less and care-free medical environment is born.

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