Maryknoll Secondary School New Campus

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Maryknoll Secondary School
Outdoor Signage & Interior Design, and Contracting

The new campus of Maryknoll Secondary School, situated on On Sau Road, Kwun Tong, covers a total land area of 7,500 SM - 3 times bigger than the old campus serving over half a century - allowing more activities, events and functions happened for teachers, students, the neighbourhood, and the district.

The School appointed Rocco Design to enhance the basic provision from the Hong Kong Government for all classrooms and administrative areas; to insert new complementary programs with a library & sky garden, gymnasium, band room, changing & shower rooms, heritage cum conference room, lecture hall and chapel as well as spaces for specific learning like STEM room, Design & Technology Room and Campus TV room; to provide different types of signage around the campus; basically, our design mandate covers everything the School needs for its daily operation and usage.

Our design approach is to create a dynamic and versatile learning environment filled with energy to excite both teachers and students from their robotic routine. We believe learning should be active not passive; inspiring not monotonous.

One interesting design element for the new campus is the unconventional running track surrounding the school buildings; a 350m long track guided by stimulating graphics. Our designers started the analysis of the site in relation to Hong Kong through road, sea and air routes, and its surrounding neighbourhood. Drawing from these dynamics flows, we created an extraordinary running track filled with organic power - the power of DNA (the motif); the DNA of Maryknoll Secondary School through her 4 house colours; a secondary layer of directory system is further infused between these DNA links to serve as the directional signs which direct visitors to various locations of the buildings.

To further give teachers and students a more sensuous touch and sense of belonging to the School's new milestone, we placed some more iconic design elements around the campus.

Once you approach the main entrance, a magnificent school building name sign and a huge holy family statue - the spirit of Maryknoll and the foundation of this Catholic secondary school - would welcome your attention. These 2 installations certainly define the identity of Maryknoll Secondary School and their lightings high-lighted the gate when the night comes - the only dark spotlight, giving you the power of hope. This check-in point is surely one of the best photo-taking spots at school.

Further your journey and walk towards the core, you would reach the heart of the School - a large semi-open atrium which serves as a covered playground, an interior gathering point and a visual connection among the School hall, lecture room and many different types of functional areas. It is the place where we have put our design "Tree of Education" - a funding tree which gives thanks to all the donors in the support of School's services. The 11M width x 7.25M height graphic tree, made of stainless steel, with the birds flying in and out symbolizes the power of education - to nurture and to grow, to serve and to contribute. Donors name plaques would be presented in the form of leaves, apples and stones; these would make the tree grow bigger and more mature and with more substances as time goes by.

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