Library & Sky Garden at Maryknoll Secondary School New Campus

Hong Kong

Maryknoll Secondary School
Outdoor & Interior Design, and Contracting

The new campus's library, located at a quiet corner of the campus, is 2-storey glass box with an internal staircase for its vertical circulation.

After considering the pros and cons of the existing new building and its basic provision, our designers decided to put the reading area on the ground floor which allows more visibility from the outside with its false ceiling clearance of 3M and could easily draw student's attention where the library is in this comparatively remoted area inside the school while first floor’s low headroom of 2.4M is more suitable for intimate activities, like the study zone and interactive zone.

Our design approach for the library is always to encourage and intrigue students to read more, and it would be a place where students love to hang around. We created an organic maze layout for the reading zone. The bookshelves are thoughtfully arranged in a non-rigid and dynamic form; one would find surprises when passing through the maze - high and low bookshelves, book featuring islands, different types of formal and informal reading areas running through the space; every single corner provides you with a different perspective. Without defining front or back, you could walk around our customized bookshelves and pick up whatever books you like handily and intuitively, simply like a treasure hunt!

On the first floor, the study zone is put at a corner away from the interactive zone, providing the quietness one's need and a calm view facing the sky garden outside and what's more - the Victoria Harbor. At the interactive zone, we designed interesting seating modules and selected flexible & versatile furniture so that teachers and students could re-adjust the layout easily and create different seating arrangements to suit various types of programs and functions.

Stepping out from our designed bamboo graphics glass wall, the colorful orange lines on floor further lead you to the sky garden - an extension outdoor reading space - filled with plants and greenery is certainly a haven for reading!

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