Heritage-cum-Conference Room at Maryknoll Secondary School New Campus

Hong Kong

Maryknoll Secondary School
Interior Design, and Contracting

The Heritage-cum-Conference Room on the new campus at Maryknoll Secondary School is a multi-purpose and versatile venue for both internal and external parties to hold meetings and gatherings, as well as a waiting area for distinguished guests to attend special events, occasions, and ceremonies. It is an ideal place to display a wide variety of memorabilia and to showcase the School's history and achievements over the past 100 years.

Apart from designing a functional conference room in which a large display cabinet is used to house various exhibits, our designers have also created a special graphics as the backdrop of the largest display unit.

On this graphical history wall, elements of the founding organization, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, and the three different stages of the school development history over the years – from the changes of the school name to school badge designs and campus locations – are shown. In addition, the names of the founders, fathers, and past and present principals are prominently displayed to pay tribute to their dedication and devotion to the School.

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