KURA「蔵」Teppanyaki & Bar Restaurant

Hong Kong

Design Proposal

KURA is a contemporary Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant where Rocco Design provides solutions for the Client from generating the marketing approach of the Restaurant, creating the Corporate Identity and Brand Building to designing the Restaurant’s interior.

Rocco Design illustrates the “Light and the Space of the Void” through the notable use of the fragmented forms to connect people and spark their interest. The open kitchen island is designed with multiple directional components that communicates among the displacement and disassociation of customers in Central through extended metaphors, void, and disorientation.

Our Designers achieve the disorientation by (un)folding the ceiling planes. This is especially effective considering the void appears to be linked to a condition of experience composed on a grid system of (un)parallel lines at different angles.

The minimized organic material palette – wood, cement and copper, creates a beautiful gradation as it aged over time. The experience of the subject in design, the experience of materiality, of light, of color, of space, and so on. The visible work makes us aware of the analogical relationships between language aspect of spatial form and narratives in the space.

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