Vanke Cloud City - Vankely Shopping Center

Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen Vanke Real Estate Co. Limited
Interior Design for the Shopping Mall and the Office Tower Public Area

The Vankely Shopping Center, located at the center of the entire Comprehensive Development Zone in Liu Xian Dong, with its expressive and spatially rich civic architectural features, will be seen as a commercial precinct area in Nanshan District. Rocco Design Studio further imbues the public space with unique character of the community, echoing the essence of the architectural elements developed by Rocco Design Architects, resulting in an organic style all his own.

The distinctive identity of the shopping center is enhanced by the two massive walls located on the second and third floor as well as the fifth and sixth floor of the interior atrium space. The clear glass wall on the second and third floor, serves as a large advertising surface for the iconic shops without hiding the views of the retail stores’ interior. This provides the visitors with a dramatic visual effect when they first enter the shopping mall. The glass feature wall with dynamic patterns and LED screens on the fifth and sixth floor on the other side of the atrium helps to create another eye-catching and dynamic visual element for the shopping center.

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