Macau University of Science and Technology Library


Macau University of Science of Technology
Project Management

This library is a 5-story building, which occupies a site area of 7,500SM. The library is intended to create an inspirational ambience that pulls the students together in a unique environment.

The building entrance was spaciously designed with widely paved steps leading into a grand greeting area intended to cater for large receptions like new student registrations. It also has terraced walkways to provide internal connectivity and a series of cafes and a teaching restaurant to create a custom-devise walk flow to the library complex.

This library is built with several lecture halls, private study rooms, back offices, meeting rooms, and a series of teaching facilities, security room and electrical equipment rooms. Its total construction area is set at approximately 22,150SM, of which the ground floor covers an area of 5,200SM, and a rooftop garden of 1,130SM. Under our management, the complex was completed 3 months ahead of schedule.

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