Pedder Medical Center


Project Development, Interior Design & Contracting

This project is located on the 4th, 14th and 15th floor of Macau Rodrigues Commercial Building.

The project on 4th floor is the administration center of a medical center, including two management offices, a conference room, an open-plan pantry and staff workstations. The whole area is dominated by airy space full of light, provides employees with a cool and comfortable working environment.

The project on the 14th floor occupies two units. It is an orthopedic and sports medicine clinic with a physiotherapy area and also provides body check facilities with full body X-Ray and mammogram. The design is dominated by a clear line planning. The Imaging Room with lead plate shielding adjoins the entrance forms an isolated area for X-Ray and mammogram examinations. The streamlined shape of the reception counter and sofa help make the serious medical center look more vibrant and lively. The consultation rooms have windows to the outside view. This particular design improves patients’ comfort level during consultation. Curtains are used to increase privacy in the physiotherapy area.

The medical center located on the 15th floor includes a reception area, a waiting lounge, a staff lounge, an office, ten consultation rooms, a medical aesthetic procedure room, an operation room, two washrooms and a disabled washroom. To give the entire area a sense of spatial coherence, the designer utilizes arc projection throughout the medical center. This design gives the entire space a sense of serenity and elegance, and yet conveys a driven force for dynamic lifestyles.

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